Our Company

Types of Properties We Invest in:

Here at Leverage PLUS Group, LLC Inc., we buy a multitude of properties. In the Northeast, we purchase Multi-family units (1
– 4 family properties). Outside of the Northeast, we purchase Single Family, and some Commercial, properties. When we are sourcing properties, our goal is to purchase and renovate a property for less than $300,000 and at the sale of that property we are looking to make $80,000 – $100,000.

Below is a short list of some of the current properties we have under contract. Note* The deed of these properties will either be under our corporation or one of our subsidiary companies. This list includes the address of the property, purchase price, after repair value (ARV), rehab cost, and the status of each property.


Here is a physical example of a Property we are purchasing:

  Location: Roselle, NJ

  Purchase Price: $140,000

  Construction Cost: $50,000 (minor exterior work, cosmetic interior work)

   ARV (After Repair Value): $300,000

   Projected Profit: $110,000

   Your Projected Profit: $35,000+